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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe and keeping busy during this time. Keeping your mind busy is very important and I hope to provide my students with educational resources to do so. These resources will help review content that has already been covered this year. The goal is not to cause stress but instead provided students with options to continue to learn and grow. 

Virtual Schoolhouse
The optional resources and assignments for our Virtual Schoolhouse will be posted on my Microsoft Teams page. Each week, I will post 1 assignment in Teams (you can find these assignments under the "Assignment" tab at the top of the page). Again, the assignment is optional but it is highly recommended as it reviews content previously learned this year. I will be available every day from 10:30 am to 12 pm as well as every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 10 am to answer any questions you may have and provide as much assistance as possible. The first weeks assignment covers Acids and Bases. 

Extra Review

I have also opened 10 different Quizizz as HW (not to be graded) with each one covering the 10 different standards that we have already covered in class. You can find the link to Quizizz as well as the code for each of the 10 under the Assignments tab to the left. To assist you in answering the questions from the Quizizz, I also have all the study guides for each of the 10 different standards (the 10 tests that we have taken) uploaded and can found under the documents section within the Study Guides folder. These 10 study guides are available to be downloaded. These Quizizz's are simply for extra review and should be completed AFTER any assignments on Teams are completed.

Finally, the Simple Machines PowerPoint project that was assigned the week before school let out will now be due before the end of the 3rd grading period, April 24th. Directions to complete this project can found in my documents under the file titled "Simple Machines PowerPoint Project." I will continue to post updates regarding the project and other optional assignments on my class page and teams page. If you have any problems, please email me and I will respond during normal school hours. Thank you. 

                                                8th Grade Science Topics 

PS.1 - Science Skills - Tested September 19 
PS.2 - Characteristics and Structure of Matter - Tested October 11 
PS.3 - Atoms and Atomic Models - Tested October 25 
PS.4 - Periodic Table - Tested November 14 
PS.5 - Changes in Matter and Energy - Tested December 4
PS.6 - States and Forms of Energy - Tested December 13
PS.7 - Transfer of thermal energy - Tested January 22
PS.8 - Sound Waves - Tested February 6
PS.9 - Light Waves - Tested February 21
PS.10 - Principles of work, force, and motion - Instruction Completed, Test TBD
PS.11 - Electricity and Magnetism - Not Started Yet