This page is for fulfilling your curiosity, creativity, and ideas for what to read next! The below Websites have been curated by your school librarians as safe and interesting resources for our students. We only recommend the sites we are linking to so if you choose to follow a link to another site, use your CRAAP skills and remember to:

Currency – Check to make sure information on a website is current.

Relative – Does the information on the website meet your needs? Is it the information you were searching for? Stay focused.

Author or Authority – Do you know who is responsible the information and/or website?

Accuracy - Is the information you are looking for on the site correct? Can you crosscheck it with another site?

Purpose – What is the purpose of the information? Do they want to educate you? Inform you? Sale you a product or service Entertain you? Is the information bias?

The library is the place for sharing information, and we'd like you to share with us any of your terrific ideas for this page! Use the form below to tell us about online Websites you like and maybe we can include them on this page.


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