April 17

1) Read the article, “should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?” using the following link.

     Code – topdip7


2) Create a 2-column chart giving reasons from the article why we should and should not keep daylight savings time.

 Column A gives reasons why we should keep daylight savings time.

Column B gives reasons why we should not keep daylight saving s time.


3) Complete Study Island assignment – Verb Tense

April 3

1) Read the article, “Are Youth Sports Out of Control?” using the following link.  (Code – topdip7)


2) Write a response answering the following questions:

  1. What is the viewpoint of the author? Be specific in your answer by citing details from the article. In other words, how do you know? What words from the article support your answer?
  2. List at least two facts that the author uses in the article?

3) Write a response to the article in the form of a letter. Your letter can either agree or disagree with the author, but you must give specific reasons why.

April 1

1) For current assignments, I'm going to start using the same forum as the other Otters teachers. Please go to your Teams page to get new assignments. For now, you can send me your answers via email     hicockab@pwcs.edu

To be clear, I'll post assignments in Class Notebook as well as Teams. Use what works for you; I'm not picky!

2) Also refer to the calendar link. I'm including daily activities that address the standards.

Flip Grid Book Project

This project was officially due more than a week prior to our closings, but if anyone still needs to complete the assignment, he/she is more than welcome. You may email your script to me. If you do not have the ability to record your book talk using FlipGrid (requires a microphone and camera), I understand! I do, however, want to read over your script.

Your script should include the following:
1. title of the book
2. author of the book
3. a brief description of the main character and what his/her problem is
4. a rating (How many stars out of five?)
5. a reason for that rating