We want to help students to take ownership of their learning, be accountable, and strive to achieve our quarterly goal of reducing (or eliminating) the need for re-takes, and increase their confidence in Math.

Digital Interactive Notebook:

All students will be using OneNote in MS Office 365 for this class.  Accounts are set up at the beginning of the year (or upon registration).  Students can log in at 
https://login.microsoftonline.com to access their OneNote class notebook. It contains IXL and other assignments, Assessment Review codes, and a collection of video resources, notes, etc. to help your student to be successful. It is the student's responsibility to check for updates and additions on a regular basis.

My Homework Policy:  

"If you do not have a 100% grade point average in my class, then you have homework Every Night until you do."

Also, Math is like Marketing - you have to expose yourself to the concepts multiple times per day, everyday, so that you train your brain to retain the details.

Homework Is: 

      - Completing any unfinished classwork (worksheets or computer assignments).

      - Drill practice on IXL.com (30 minutes per day is highly recommended)

    - Watching math videos from the OneNote digital student notebook (or the Math Notes section on my Class Page of the WMS website)

      - Study Island - Lessons are assigned for each unit and are due the day of the Unit Test. They will be graded according to the Best Score achieved for each session. Students are advised to review the "Lesson" section and watch any/all videos before attempting the "Practice" section. They may also practice similar problems by using the "Flashcards" app that is new to the site. Game Mode will be allowed after 70% mastery is achieved. 

    - Complete practice problems from textbook (online). The link with login information will be emailed upon request.

    -  Reading/Reviewing notes and practice problems done in class. It's also helpful for students to rework problems previously completed.

    -  Teach a friend or family member about a concept/skill or how to work out class problems.