Assignments for 4/15/20-4/17/20 (OPTIONAL)

4/15/20 - Science

If you have access to a printer, I have attached a simple first science assignment titled "Parts of a Plant."  This assignment is all about investigation.  This is not information students are expected to know, but they should investigate what they believe the role is for each part of the plant.  Please assist your student in this task. There are many levels to this assignment.  There is a simpler version, an advanced version, or students can just color the plant and you talk about it to them.

If you do not have access to a printer, simply view the file from your computer and have a discussion about the parts of the plant with your student.  In the future I will look for more activities that do not require printing.

Extension activity: Go out in your yard or on a walk around your neighborhood to find other plants and identify the parts you can see.

4/16/20 - Social Studies

Using the link provided, please explore the ebooks that the WDMS library has to offer!  Choose one book about a celebrity or historical figure to learn about that person's life!  Some books provided are many pages long, so be sure to choose someone you are interested in and would like to take the time to read about them.  As you read, share what you are learning with your parent or feel free to do a project based on the person (drawing a picture, writing a paragraph, etc.)

**NOTE: Before choosing a book, I would highly recommend watching this video in order to decide what type of book would be best for you. Some of the links allow you to find books that are on topic, but at an elementary level of reading, which will help students read at a level that may be easier or more appropriate for them. Others have the option of audiobooks/read alouds!

4/17/20 - Life Skills

Help your parents prepare a meal!  This means you can set the table, help follow directions as they cook, and help with clean up.  I would love to hear about the wonderful meals or desserts you make together. :)