Here are some videos on Khan Academy that you can watch if you get stuck on a topic on IXL. You do not have to watch all of the videos. Choose topics that you are struggling with.

Unit 1- Ratios and Proportions

How to find equivalent ratios/proportions:
How to fill out ratio tables:
Unit 2- Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Use the side bar to watch each video (how to change a fraction to a decimal, a percent to a fraction, etc)
Unit 3- Integers and Order of Operations

Adding and subtracting negative numbers
Order of operations (PEMDAS/GEMDAS)
Unit 4- Fractions and Problem Solving

Multiplying Mixed Numbers
Dividing Fractions
Unit 5- Equations and Inequalities

Solve equations with addition and subtraction

Solve equations with multiplication and division

Solving and graphing inequalities
Unit 6- Geometry and Measurement

Plotting points on the coordinate plane
Area and Perimeter- there are several videos on the left side of the screen that explain area and perimeter