ASOL Learning Links
This is where you can access the ASOL academic, social, and interactive activity links for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.
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Typing Club - Practice your typing skills here! Students will learn how to properly use a keyboard and build muscle memory of key strokes.
Username - student first initial, full last name ---- EX. MLowry
Password - Purple!123

GoNoodle - A great way for students to stay active inside and work on sensory and motor skills! They will have access to dances, zumba, yoga, indoor recess, and more! All you need is a valid parent email.

Kodable - A great site to work on coding skills. 
Class School Code - WDMS123

Starfall -  This is a fun and interactive academic site that works on reading and math

Educational Games - This site has interactive games that work toward math, reading, writing, typing, and coding.

Storyline Online - Visit this site and listen to a story read by a famous celebrity!

BrainPop Jr. - Math, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, and Health resources here! The site gives you access to videos, quizzes, games, and much more! They are currently providing free access due to COVID!

CoolMath - This site is full of "cool" math games. 

Math Games - Another great site full of math games! 

PBS Kids - Access some reading activities here including videos and games!

Coloring Squared -  A fun and creative way to practice math facts!

Unite for Literacy - A great resource for reading