Many students asked about "fixing" their grade as we were leaving, for this extended time.  I have put together a one page document that has all of the bookwork questions (they were supposed to be completed the day we were going over the topic in class).  There are also instructions to access the textbook online, although you should not need it, if you remember the discussion! If you are looking for a test code, please email me and we can work out a retake together!

Copies of the bookwork questions, for the third quarter, and directions to access the text online are under Files/Documents tab.

Due Process worksheet is under the Files/Documents tab.

Civil vs. Criminal is in the Files/Documents tab.  There are two parts, the powerpoint, for the students to read the scenarios and decide if it is a civil or criminal case, and the word document which is what they put their answers on.

Crossword2 is the Judicial Crossword, which was an optional assignment that the students could do to help their grades, it is in the Files/Documents tab.