Greetings Awesome Eagles!

I hope that this message finds you safe and in good health. I am thinking of you all in this unfamiliar time. Remember to wash your hands frequently. As we all try to navigate our new normal please keep in mind I want to minimize student stress by utilizing the following:
1. No new graded work will be assigned until further notice. 
2. All due dates of previously assigned work will be pushed to at least April 14th.
3. Ms. Duke and I will be working with students on making connections, on thinking, and critical questioning skills using Teams. More specific information will be sent to you via email so check your Office365 email regularly. 
4. I can and will give helpful growth-producing feedback to students through our Teams platform.


1. Any work assigned and due before 
March 12 may be graded.
2. Any work assigned and due before March 12 may be redone and regarded.
We will meet virtually twice per week Core 1 and 2 in the am and Core 3 and 4 in the pm to aid all those who may need it and to provide clarification with specific assignments. Other meeting times will be by appointment. More specific information will be sent via email by Friday.

Mrs. Erika Johnson Frazier