Are there options to change our kids to virtual?

Students who have not chosen the virtual option will not be permitted to change to virtual (with very limited exception such as documented medical need). Students requesting to be virtual only have to follow the homebound process.

When will I be able to add funds to my child’s “My School Bucks” lunch account?

Breakfast and lunch are being provided free of charge to all PWCS students for the 21-22 school year.

When will we get our schedules?

Secondary schedules, including K-8 and Traditional Schools, will be available in The Hub Friday, August 20, 2021.

When will the parents be notified of our children’s SOL scores from last school year?

Due to a limited availability of materials, there will be a delay in mailing home SOL score reports to families. We have been told that this delay may take several weeks.

Will students be able to change their names to one different to their legal name?

Students cannot make those changes. Parent guardians can complete a change in Parent Vue by entering a preferred name and that name will be used by staff and computer systems. Parent guardians can contact the child’s counselor for support.

Do we bring computers in person or computers will be given to us?

PWCS is now a one-to-one school division, and all students will be provided laptops by/on the first day. Please review the Parent/Student Device Handbook. Students will use school issued laptops for both in-person and virtual learning.

Will each notebook be one subject notebooks?

Students need a single notebook for each core class if that notebook has more than one section that is acceptable, but they need 4 individual notebooks for their core classes. Please contact their individual teachers for more information.

Will the computers be the same as last year?

Students will be issued a device that has been updated and prepared for the school year. All devices were collected, updated and repaired. They will not get the exact same device they returned.

When do we pay the insurance?

Policy must be purchased within 30 days of the device being issued to your child and prior to experiencing a failure, damage, or loss. If the device is damaged before the insurance policy purchase, the device is not eligible for coverage.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Visit: • Email: [email protected]

Phone: 877-592-7726

Are the students taking the laptops home each day?

Students will be carrying their laptop home daily and are expected to arrive every morning with a fully charged laptop and the power cord. They are being issued a laptop sleeve to protect the device during transit.

How do you transfer to another middle school?

Student Transfer Request Procedures are available on the PWCS website. Questions can be directed to the child’s counselor.

Will students still be able to check out books from the school library?

Yes, details to come. 

Can students who have their own laptops bring their own to school instead of using the school’s laptops?

Students need to use the PWCS provided device for full access to the internet while at school. Personal devices can only access a guest network that restricts a lot of activity and is less reliable that the internal network our PWCS devices sit on. The PWCS device is prepared with specific programs to support their education. They also need to use the PWCS device because it will be the device, they take their assessments and SOL tests on. We want them to be confident and comfortable testing on the device they are using. 

What percentage of students enrolled in virtual only?

Less than 4% of PWCS students are enrolled Virtual Only.

Are their going to be sports?

PWCS is planning to have sports. Dates for sports will be available on the website calendar as soon as the information is finalized. Our WMS athletic director is Mr. Jeremy Scott. [email protected] You can contact him for additional information.

When will we know about the lockers?

Lockers are not being assigned for the beginning of the school year. This will be re-evaluated in the second quarter.