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September Newsletter: Welcome Back!  September: What Does Q1 & Q2 Bring! WMS Schedules, The Virtual Experience & 50/50 Model

October Newsletter: Kindness Matters October is Bully Prevention Month & Red Ribbon Week

November Newsletter : Appreciation & Thanks

December Newsletter : Winter Break Yaay! 

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April Newsletter  

May Newsletter: May Is Mental Health Awareness Month! 


September Newsletter Special Edition  Celebrating Hispanic Heritage-This Years Theme: Be Proud of Your Past. Embrace the Future

October Newsletter Special Edition WMS Student Services Meet & Greet

October Special Edition: SG Program Specialty Night offered by the Office of Student Learning

October Special Edition: RED RIBBON WEEKOctober 23-31, 2020

October  Special Edition: HS Specialty Night  Save the dates and register for this event

November Special Edition Report Cards WMS Congratulates ALL Students During Virtual Learning 

12 Days of Kindness Join us in sharing kindness this season! 

Same Gender Specialty Night Jan.19, 2021 Please join us to learn about our SG Program!

Special Edition: Academic Advising Course registration & specialty program information 

April Special Edition Newsletter: Academic Advising 

April Special Edition Newsletter: Summer School 2021 


Resources Tutoring/academic, social/emotional , crisis, medical and more! 

September/October Special Edition: Remote Learning Parent Resources  FREE curated ideas & resources identified by master teachers

WMS School Supports  WMS administrators, support staff, & mental health resources

What to do if you suspect abuse/neglect Let us help you. Contact a school administrator, school counselor, school social worker, school psychologist, school nurse, teacher or trusted adult. We are here for you!