Vision Statement



Mission Statement

We believe in promoting an inclusive setting where all are RESPECTED and achievement is EXPECTED.
  Woodbridge Middle School is committed to fostering an environment that implements successful methods of instruction to provide a quality educational program for every student. Our mission is to work together to ensure that each student will acquire skills and knowledge to achieve success. As a result, we strive to ensure that no child is left behind. All students will be empowered with confidence and the desire to continue a journey of lifelong learning. We believe in promoting an inclusive setting where all are respected and achievement is expected through academics, technology, fitness, and the arts.

1. WMS will provide a rigorous and demanding academic program of studies. Learning will be both relevant and meaningful. All students will learn and strive for excellence in all areas. A variety of methods -- alternative and extended times, after school, summer sessions-- as well as various settings for learning such as co-ed and same gender will be provided to meet the needs of students and increase academic performance.  We are all in this together, focusing on these goals, because we realize that "We Get Better Together".

2. WMS will remain current in technological advances and research-based practices through professional reading, collaboration, and staff development.

3. WMS will conduct on-going formal and informal assessments of student performance. Emphasis will continue to be on academic proficiency and application assessments and portfolios, which enable students, teachers, and parents to be involved in the evaluation process. WMS will evaluate students through standardized tests mandated by PWCS and VA State regulations.