2023-2024 Woodbridge Middle School After-School Clubs and Sponsors

Woodbridge Middle School's extracurricular programs are considered an extension of the academic offerings and a beneficial contribution to the development of the students' mental, physical, and social growth. Students are encouraged to participate provided that involvement does not interfere with scholastic achievement, that students represent their school in a manner that reflects positively on the school, and that students recognize participation is a privilege with responsibilities.



Book Club

Jennifer Peel

ECO Club (Sustainability)

Briana Jimenez


Rachel Collins

Robotics Club

Rachel Collins

SGA/Saves Club

Broma Clyde

Yearbook Club

Monann Davis

WMS Morning News Club

Jennifer Peel

WMS Theater Club

Chris Chapin

WMS Chamber Orchestra Club

Hannah Leckner

Minecraft for Education Club

Click Here for Minecraft Meeting Days

Sarah Laurance