The Prince William County Gifted Education Program began in 1976, and is referred to as SIGNET, an acronym for Schools Involved in Gifted Needs in Education Today. The activities used in this course of study support increased levels of complexity. Students identified for gifted education services must have instructional time with their age level peers, instructional time with intellectual and academic peers, and time to work independently. The essential elements of the curriculum include study centers, interdisciplinary units, and time with the Gifted Resource Teacher.

Philosophy: The students served by the Gifted Education Program at the middle school level are unique in both their abilities and achievements. The program recognizes and strives to provide for the diversity of the academic, interpersonal, and emotional needs of each student in an appropriate environment.

Yearly Objectives:

Skills Goals: To explore and develop:

  • Different approaches to solving problems
  • Higher level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • Originality, flexibility, fluency, and elaboration in student products
  • Processes and skills that will benefit students in their regular class settings

Content Goals: To provide:

  • Curriculum based on the needs and interests of the students
  • Access to current information and/or innovative practices in fields of study
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to content areas through problem-based learning and research

Interpersonal Affective Goals: To provide an environment conducive to:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Productive group and individual work within an intellectually risk-free setting
  • Fostering the curiosity to be a life-long learner
  • Meeting the needs of gifted middle school students

In order to receive gifted services, your child must be identified as requiring services by PWCS. Once identified, this placement is implemented for grades 3-12 across all PWCS. If your child was identified by any other county and transfers to WMS, he/she will still be required to participate in the identification process here at WMS to determine eligibility within PWCS. If you are interested in having your child tested for services, please contact Anna Schaller at [email protected]. This process is extremely thorough, including six hours of testing, the collection of work samples, and written teacher/student/parent reports. Eligibility is then determined at the county level by a committee of teachers/administrators/counselors.

If your child receives gifted services here at Woodbridge, please visit Mrs. Schaller's SIGNET class webpage found in the Encore section of the class pages. Details regarding grade level curriculum projects, class lessons, field trips, and evaluations can be found in the class folders and slide show.